Let us shine your home.

After a long day, returning to a clean & shining home is a very refreshing & calming as you feel clean, cozy, and smelling nice. Its relieveing and that spreads joy with your family to enjoy this wonderful feeling, but saying that the reality of our hectic life sometimes make it a little difficult to give enough focus & time on maintaining the house clean.

Thats where we come in and fortunately, we are good at keeping it clean and tidy for you and providing every kind of solution for all your cleaning needs. And thats's exactly why we repeatedly say - You Chill, We Clean

Plus your house needs to cleaned & hygenic to reduce germs, dieases & allergies. On top of that, we know every home is different, so we allow you to give us special requests for those hard to reach places. We provide customer specific requirement base services wherther you need the entire house cleaned from top to bottom, or just a few rooms? Just let us know what your requirements are, and we will have your house cleaned and ready in no time. We also have annual mantainance package for your house.

We offer two basic packages for our customers – Fresh Clean and Deep Clean.

Book Our “Fresh Clean” Service

Our Fresh Clean service is what we recommend to new customers. If your house has not undegone any kind of thorough cleaning for more than couple of days, this is the right option for you. Incase you’re hosting, like a birthday party, baby shower, or a get together with friends and family or during festive times, then It's an excellent choice to get your home ready for such occasions. Plus we have a option of systematic cleaning of special corners of your house, and especially the guest areas, when your in-laws/relatives or friends want to stay over for a few days? Fresh Clean is also ideal if you have a pet that sheds heavily.

Just one round of cleaning will give you a visible and satisfactory transform and make shine your home. We also offer a Fresh Clean contract plan to help you maintain that welcoming, fresh clean feel from time-to-time.

Book the “Deep Clean” service for an intensive cleaning

When you need an extremely detailed cleaning, you need our Deep Clean service. This is perfect when you move into a new house, or move out of one. Deep Clean is the most exhaustive home and apartment cleaning service that you will ever need. The service is not just for moving in and moving out, but also when you feel like your home could do with some extra loving care and a thorough cleaning of all the hidden nooks and crannies.

The Deep Clean includes services such as scrubbing, dry and wet mopping, removal of stains, dusting, garbage removal, cleaning of appliances and kitchen equipment, sanitizing and deodorizing bathrooms, cleaning and vacuuming furniture, cleaning carpets, and others. The service usually takes an entire day because we want to leave your home absolutely spotless at the end of it.